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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 7, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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good morning america right now the ferguson fallout. two veteran cops out of a job after that scathing justice department report. the racist e-mails, accusations of bias president obama responding with harsh words on this historic day in selma. the 50th anniversary of that bloody civil rights march. inside the investigation of harrison ford's near-death experience. shocking new crash scene images moments after the star was pulled from the wreckage. wife calista flockhart there in tears. we'll look at his daredevil past. how this could have been so much worse. breaking overnight, fireball. a medical chopper crashing near a hospital. flames erupting in the night
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sky, bomb and arson investigators on the scene right now. hot for teacher. call her professor clooney. george's new wife has a new job teaching law at a prestigious american university. why it's making george and those potential students so happy. ♪ hey, good morning on what is a historic and emotional day in the long-running and discussion in selma. unarmed civil rights protesters were viciously beaten 50 years ago. >> today's first black president will be in selma along with his entire family to commemorate the anniversary. this as there is new fallout this morning from that scathing report from the obama
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administration alleging racial profiling in ferguson, missouri. we'll go to selma in just a moment but first the latest on that ferguson investigation from abc's pierre thomas who is in washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, paula. some ferguson government employees have lost their jobs as the city reels from allegations of systemic and sometimes outright racism by the police. ferguson's mayor acknowledged that the e-mails were racist and that the city employees which included two police officers who wrote them had to go. >> at this point they're all gone. >> reporter: responding to seven especiallies uncovered in the justice department investigation. among them a photo of bare-chested women apparently in africa with the caption, michelle obama's high school reunion. of 2008 e-mail suggested president obama would not be in office very long saying "what black male holes a steady job for four years"? another described the president of the united states as a
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chimpanzee. those e-mails were found in a sweeping justice department investigation which accused the ferguson police of systemic racial bias in enforcement. african-americans make up 67% of ferguson's population. bu issued 90% of citations. friday, mr. obama had harsh language for that department and suggested there may be others like it. >> what happened in ferguson is not a complete aberration. one of the things that i think frustrated the people of ferguson was this sense of you know what, we've been putting up with this for years and now with we start talking about it everybody is pretending it's just our imaginations and it turns out they weren't just making it up. this was happening. >> reporter: city officials say they'll work with the justice department to address the allegations. if they do not, the attorney general issued a threat. could the department be dismantled. >> if that's what's necessary we're prepared to do that. >> reporter: mr. obama said the overwhelming majority of police
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are great sub servants who make sacrifices but there are pockets that must be dealt with. >> yes, pierre those e-mails were quite shocking. thank you. and today our nation celebrates a turning point in the civil rights movement as it marks the 50th anniversary of bloody sunday when police attacked hundreds of peaceful activists during a civil rights march in selma, alabama. president obama will be speaking and abc's steve osunsami is in what we can expect to see and hear. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, paula. the secret service is here sweeping downtown selma. there are authorities patrolling the river as we are expecting two presidents and thousands of people including some who tried to cross this bridge in protest 50 years ago to this day and were met by violence from police. this morning, the picture many in selma would like the world to remember, black and white families arm in army marching across the edmund pettus bridge. >> there's a lot of unfinished
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business, but whitesell, black selma, young, old, we're all united. but these are the pictures from the same bridge 50 years ago that have defined this city. more than 80 demonstrators fighting for voting rights were beat down by alabama police. president obama who is visiting today spoke about it friday. >> selma is now. selma about the courage of ordinary people doing extraordinary things because they believe they can change the country. that they can shape our country's destiny. >> reporter: there is a scene in the movie "selma" nominated for an academy award. oprah plays annie le cooper. her voter registration rejected over and over again. >> how many county judges in alabama? >> 67. >> name them. >> reporter: comparisons to current day struggles with police profiling and the shooting death of michael brown
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in ferguson led to this oscar-winning song from the movie. ♪ oh glory glory glory ♪ whoa glory ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: but in selma today many are still searching for glory. nearly a third of the city lives in poverty and workers in the auto industry here complain they're paid fast food wages. this will still be very much a celebration. afshths harry belafonte and cicely tyson aloe black, that mar braxton and patti labelle will be singing from montgomery. dan. >> big day in selma and we will be watching and covering it right here on abc news and steve, thank you to you. we do move on to the new details in the new images this morning in that close call for harrison ford. the movie action hero bloodied after a real-life misadventure in a vintage plane and here's
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ford's wife, the actress calista flockhart visiting her husband at the hospital in los angeles, california and that is where we find abc's nick watt who's been on this story from the jump. hey, nick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. well, that's right, harrison ford is waking up on his second morning in the hospital here just a few miles from the crash site and the latest update on his condition from the family is still that he is battered, but okay. the moments after impact harrison ford dragged from the wreckage treated on the fairway, a dashing hero in the movies and now perhaps in real life. >> he had these fairways in front of him and he did his best to keep the airplane flying didn't stall it out and so it looks like he did a good job under the circumstances. >> nice landing. >> thanks. >> reporter: santa monica airport sits amidst densely packed homes and busy roads. >> there have been aircraft that have crashed out of santa monica into homes before so aiming for
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the golf course is the only open space out here aside from the beach. >> landing on the course. >> andrew filmed ford's descent from his street. >> the engine was up full throttle and started to sputter and kick out. >> reporter: ford radioed the tower. >> we have to pick the best spots that there are and this was apparently the best spot. >> reporter: dr. sanjay was playing the 7th hole. >> he was awake, kind of trapped. stabilized his neck which is a common injury. >> reporter: the doctor and others managed to pry him from the wreckage before paramedics showed up. >> it is obvious his face it was harrison ford. >> reporter: he remains in the hospital and his shaken wife calista flockhart snapped after her visit. >> kid i've flown from one side of the galaxy to the other. >> reporter: a leading man in hollywood for 40 years he said flying gives him an identity other than harrison ford the actor. >> get off my plane! >> reporter: he's right. he's now harrison ford, the
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survivor. now, ford's plane has been taken off that fairway. it's now in a hangar for further investigation and the ntsb says so far it wasn't bad fuel but it says it will take maybe a year to complete their investigation. paula. >> well, we know this just could have been so much worse. nick watt thank you very much. we do want to get more on the star's condition so we'll bring in dr. jen ashton. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> so many times there are no survivors in a plane crash so for those that do what is known about the injuries sustained. >> when you look at the medical literature for survivors of airplane crashes what we see is frequency of injuries so the most common upper extremity fracture, broken arms but then that can go on to head injuries lacerations, burns, you work your way down the body lower extremity fractures and internal bleeding. a lot of the magazinenitude depends on how fast you were going. one expert estimated this plane
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could have been going about 85 miles an hour. what type of plane it is and, of course, possibly where the passenger was seated. >> and it was so important what happened right away. one of the first responders was a golfer who just happened to be a spinal surgeon, knew to stabilize his neck so how consequential could that be in ford's recovery. >> it's very important. this is trauma 101 so the hallmarks stabilize the cervical spine and assess what we call the abcs, airway breathing, circulation as soon as a patient is brought to the emergency department then they proceed to get immalls, x-rays c.a.t. scans and frequently right off to the operating room with trauma surgeons orthopedic surgeon, neurosurgen, spine surgeons. >> ford is 72. we wish him the very best in his recovery. dr. ashton thanks for joining us. dan. >> thanks, jen. thanks, paula. this is a busy day in a presidential campaign that hasn't officially begun although everybody knows it really has. republican jeb bush is in iowa
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drumming up support and he's expected to make some hay of that e-mail scandal swirling around democrat hillary clinton who for her part will be giving a big speech in florida tonight and abc's david wright is covering it all from iowa. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. that e-mail scandal is shaking up to be the first new campaign issue for 2016 and it's one that reminds everyone of the downside of the clinton brand. her republican rival, her possible republican rivals seem to be enjoying every minute of it. that image of the globe-trotting elder stateswoman sunglasses and all is taking some serious hits today now that it's clear her use of the e-mail address on that blackberry broke the state department's rules. was clinton sending sensitive but unclassified information from her permanent e-mail? >> i just don't have details on that. i'm not going to speculate. we don't know. >> reporter: we can't know because the only e-mails the state department has are the ones clinton herself chose to
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hand over. on cable news one of president obama's closest advisers would not rule out firing an employee caught using their personal e-mail account for government business. >> the president has a very firm policy that e-mails should be kept on government systems, he believes in transparency. >> reporter: here in iowa former governor jeb bush said security is also a concern and told an iowa radio interviewer, it's a dangerous world. so high-level conversations need to take place behind a fire wall. >> it's a little baffling to be honest with you that that didn't come up in secretary clinton's thought process. >> reporter: a clinton spokesperson insists there was nothing nefarious about what she did last night kicking off the annual clinton global initiative conference bill clinton didn't mention the scandal at all. we have not heard the last of the e-mail scandal, it's safe to say. this weekend marks republican jeb bush's 2016 iowa debut.
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he'll be appearing with a dozen others at ag summit in des moines. >> just the beginning. david wright on the hunt. we expect to see much more of you out there. david, thank you. much more on the hillary clinton scandal tomorrow on abc's "this week" with special guest former secretary of state colin powell who is likely to have a unique take on all this. that's tomorrow morning right here on abc. >> looking forward to that. thanks, dan. this morning the fbi is offering a very generous reward for the two men who attacked a federal judge outside his home. that judge is being hailed a hero for keeping the armed pair out of his home and away from his wife and kids and abc's linzie janis is here with more on that manhunt. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: the judge protecting his family and getting shot in the process. now there's an urgent manhunt. the fbi, u.s. marshals and the detroit police all searching for the two men responsible. 55-year-old terrence berg
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former u.s. assistant attorney has plenty of prosecuting criminals. but now according to the police he can add fighting them off to his resume. investigators say berg was taking out the trash just after 9:00 p.m. thursday when two young men approached him demanding they be let into the house. >> he's walking up this path here and someone approached him and i don't know why. >> reporter: but with his wife and children inside judge berg refusing, struggling with the men, one of them shooting in the thigh. the suspects getting away in a dark car. >> federal judge has been shot. with an unknown weapon. the judge sustained a gunshot wound to his right leg. be on the lookout for a black chrysler 300 or plaque dodge charger. >> we heard a gunshot and my husband yelling and that's what -- yelling for help. >> we have a judge's wife in our vehicle. she's hysterical. >> reporter: police say the men were trying to rob judge berg and that the crime is not connected to his work as a judge. but the fbi not taking any
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chances. offering a $25,000 reward. well, overnight berg's wife told abc news in a written statement the judge is in good condition but is going to need additional surgeries. s u.s. attorney for eastern michigan is hailing the judge a hero for saving his family from a worst fate possibly. they lived in this house for 26 years. avoided the temptation of moving to the suburbs. they love detroit and don't want this to reflect badly on the city. >> he gets a bad rap every now and then. the reward is how much. >> 25,000. >> thank you. a lot of other news overnight and for that, as always, we turn to mr. ron claiborne. good morning, sir. >> hey, good morning to you, dan and paula. good morning, everyone. we begin in wisconsin where a black teenager has been fatally shot by a police officer. dozens of protesters gathering overnight on the streets of madison to protest that shooting. police are responding to a call they say that a man was running in and out of traffic creating a safety hazard.
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police officers then attract the 19-year-old man forcing their way into an apartment building and an apartment where the police say the suspect allegedly assaulted one of the officers, that officer then drew his revolver and fatally shot the teenager. the teenager dying later at the hospital. that shooting is under investigation. also breaking overnight in st. louis, a medical helicopter crashing and bursting into flames killing the pilot. it happened just after the chopper dropped off a patient at nearby st. louis university hospital. officials from the faa are headed to the scene to investigate. no one else was on board that helicopter. also breaking overnight from russia where two people are under arrest in connection with the killing of opposition leader boris nemtsov. so far the head of the federal security services is not giving many details on those arrests. it's not clear if either of the suspects fired the shots that killed nemtsov who was gunned down a week ago walking across a bridge near the kremlin. united nations is calling the destruction of ancient statues by isis fighters war
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crimes. they used bulldozers to flatten a 3,000-year-old city of anymoreruud in iraq and tikrit awe huge battle underway with iranian-backed militias teaming up with the iraqi government troops to try to push isis militants out of that city. a top u.s. army general martin dempsey said american-led air strikes cleared the way for the offensive against the forces holding that city. new evidence that prosecutors say links former new england patriots football say aaron hernandez to the scene of the murder that he is charged with. on friday, a crime lab scientist testified hernandez's dna matched that found on a marijuana cigarette butt found where odin lloyd was murdered. the scientist testified the dna was someone else's is 1 in quadrillion, 1 with 15 zeros after it. fairway frustration. the world's top ranked golfer
7:18 am
rory mcelroy see the video here hitting a ball into the water which all of us except rob has done. >> only place i hit the ball. >> what he does next -- there he goes. 3 iron into the water. he did hit the water intentionally. the lake. >> he's going to make the cover of good sportsmanship magazine. >> after that tournament mcelroy said it wasn't his proudest moment but admitted it did feel good. >> cathartic. yes, it does. >> he's tied for 11th in the world golf championship event in miami. and finally, a store clerk who got a surprise when he checked his surveillance security camera, turns out that a giant panda was caught on camera out on a leisurely stroll or a man in a panda suit. we're not sure which. >> we have not confirmed nor denied. >> roaming the streets earlier this week. wild pandas rarely venture into populated areas. it's believed the panda got out of a nearby zoo. while there have been no other
7:19 am
sightings of that particular panda offs say the panda was able to make or her way back to its home. we don't know which it was. >> it went back to the zoo that it escaped from. >> interesting. >> perhaps rory mcilroy was close and -- >> no missing panda. >> i know our viewers love to see you on the road but we do too but -- >> can you take a hint? we love to see you on the road man. >> great to be back. nice and toasty in here. home state of michigan this amazing video and sound for you. take a listen. oh yeah. >> what was that? >> what was it. >> listen again, boom. >> oh, wow. >> that's in sebawing where the river is frozen trying to loosen up the ice to maybe prevent ice jams as the snow begins to melt and that would obviously cause flooding so it's going to i ahuge issue. if it doesn't work they're just going to go out and set more explosives out. because this is just fun. bottom line when you're working that sort of deal.
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anything to get you through this winter and another cold morning after over 40 record lows yesterday morning. look at these, 9 in bridgeport minus 2 in lexan ton. paducah saw minus 6, as far south as new orleans and baton rouge, 26 degree for a record low yesterday morning. this morad we have records set in baltimore washington, dulles where it got down to 3 degrees. 4, 19 for a current temperature in new york. we will moderate a little bit but still well below average, chicago getting above the freezing mark for the first time in four weeks, 41 degrees. reason to celebrate. santa ana winds out west. toasty with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. no rain in sight. >> our sno over but boy is it cold outside. it is a very cold 14 degrees. it is only tee degrees at dulles. a milder wkend and spring forwrward tononight aired a warmer
7:21 am
week is ahead. 44 today andnd sunrise tomorrow at 7:31 a a.m. >> right there. that's where sebawing is right near lake huron >> that's michigan. >> yes. >> geography and meteorology. thank you, rob. coming up on "gma" we'll hear from the jurors who decided the fate of jodi arias. did a tv movie about the murder save her life? plus living life in the fast lane. why harrison ford is a thrill-seeker on and off screen. "good morning america" is brought to you by listerine. power to your mouth. you wouldn't do half of your daily routine. so why treat your mouth any differently. brushing alone does less than half the job leaving behind millions of germs. complete the job with listerine®. kill up to 99 percent of germs. and prevent plaque, early gum disease and bad breath. complete the job with listerine®.
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ahead on "gma," was the hold on juror in the jodi arias death penalty retrial moved about a movie about that murder case? >> that's the question. coming up on "gma." we'll see you in a few minutes.
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>> if you have beewaiting all winter too exhale, it is time. spring is on the horizon for the first time in long time area no precipitation is on the map. that bodes well for today and tomorrow and mh ofext week. the mperatures are fgid out there. it is s only 14 degrees with a beautiful sunrise. it this the last day of stdard t time.
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the temperature at dulles is 3 degrees. th is an a all-time low record fothe te area spring forward tonigh the warmereek will be ahead. 44 today otherer partly sunny skies and light windnds. tonight, me your clo ahead. tomorrow morng the sun comes up that 7:3131 a.m. and 5252 grees. ere will be lots of meing tomorrow.
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♪ baby you're a firework ♪ come on let your colors burst ♪ >> i love this song. of course, it's katy perry. her megahit "fireworks" spotify revealing its most popular female artists and a surprising category, you guys not going to believe who she bested except sara because she's got it covered. >> i already read the news. >> sara knows but we don't know. that's all coming up. >> we are curious. who she beat in a certain category. >> in a particular category. >> that's surprising. >> think about it. >> coming up in "pop news." one of a million reasons to stick around for sara haines' excellent "pop news" this morning. also coming up inside the mind of harrison ford. the plane crash on the golf course is just the latest actually in a string of close calls. incredible stunts this action hero hurt many times before doing his own stunts dough is he an adrenaline junkie? we'll get into that coming up.
7:31 am
we'll start with some angry jurors in the jodi arias death penalty retrial which ended with a hung jury for a second time. >> so death row no longer an option because of one hold-out juror who they believe may have been assuaged by a made for tv movie about that case and abc's ryan owens with the very latest now. >> reporter: jodi arias avoids arizona death row by a single vote. and this morning, three of the jurors who decided her fate are showing their faces for the first time in an exclusive interview with abc news. they say coming back as a hung jury was heartbreaking. >> it was probably one of the most devastating things that we had to do. it broke my heart for the family. >> this is going to stick with us the rest of our lives. >> reporter: the three who ask us not to use their names take us inside the jury room during five contentious days of deliberations. considering whether the convicted killer should live or die for the savage murder of her ex-boyfriend travis alexander. a different jury deadlocked on the same question two years ago.
7:32 am
this time the jury was split 6-6 when they first got the case. but after days of deliberations, 11 wanted death. there was just one hold-out. >> i don't want to point a finger at her and say she came in there with an agenda. but i'd be lying if i said it didn't feel that way. >> reporter: the jurors say the lone hold-out wouldn't say much except that she had seen the lifetime movie "jodi arias: dirty little secret." >> she really expected to see this horrible monster based off the fact that she had seen these movies, but she saw a girl. i really didn't trust her opinion at that point. >> reporter: this morning police say the woman who so far has refused to comment is receiving death threats after her vote saved jodi arias and broke the hearts of travis alexander's family yet again. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news dallas. >> ryan thank you. we move to a disaster that speaks to one of our primal
7:33 am
fears. drivers crossing a bridge high above the misriver when the ground beneath them simply gave way. there will be a fascinateing new look at this bridge collapse tonight right here on abc in the premiere of a new series called "in an instant" which explores stories of survival. and here's a preview. >> i would normally have been on that bridge at that time an hour earlier. i had to run into the office real quick. that's about the last thing i remember. >> i can't tell you why i just knew that something awful had happened and my husband was a part of it. >> this is just in progress now. we have resources on the way to the scene. we know that the bridge has collapsed. at least in part and that there are cars in the water. >> the panic that you feel the overwhelming -- you're just -- the fear is so overwhelming. >> one of the main iconic bridges in the twin cities has collapsed. >> i got this feeling that you know, go turn the tv back on and
7:34 am
you need to do it right now. >> i saw him. >> clearly he was injured but he wasn't dead. my dad called me around midnight and said we found him. >> i drove on that bridge twice a day five days a week for months, years, my car did a 70-foot nosedive. the only part of the car that didn't collapse was right above my head. >> the first time we crossed the new bridge we all held our breath. >> and we just celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary and i don't think we've ever been happier. >> a harrowing story and much more tonight during the premiere of "in an instant" right here on abc and i covered that story when it broke back in 2007 and spoke to a lot of people who are in the dpshg which will air tonight so -- >> looking ford that.
7:35 am
i can hear my heart racing just from watching that. my heart always races when you're here. we have a lot to get to. >> out of fear or what? >> you can interpret that however you want. >> hi again, paula and dan. sara robert. good morning, everyone. we begin with the fallout from the scathing federal report alleges racial profiling by police in ferguson federal. three city employees including two police officers accused of sending racist e-mail have lost their jobs, one fired. e-mails uncovered during a probe by the u.s. justice department which found systemic racial bias in ferguson law enforcement. and longtime syracuse basketball coach jim boeheim has been suspended for nine games next year for academic and gift violations by the men's basketball program. syracuse is not participating in the acc or ncaa tournaments this year as a self-imposed punishment. a social media firestorm. a real dustup after chicago
7:36 am
bears wide receivers brandon marshall traded to the new york jets. it turns out wide receiver brandon marshall of the denver broncos says his twitter is blowing up with a barrage of tweets from bears and jets fans same name same position totally different person. >> that's not confusing at all. >> that's very confusing. finally, dozens of piglets in a dash to the finish line at the great american pig race in texas. >> go, go, go. >> speedy swine are going head t to head or ham-to-ham ham to to ham as part of a livestock rodeo show. the porky competitors are being rewarded with treats at the finish line and possibly a roll in the mud. the event runs shall runs get it -- march 22nd. >> that's all, folks. >> t-t-t-that's all folks. >> i don't think pigs like when
7:37 am
you call them ham. >> bacon perhaps. >> you dropped something. >> that's okay. settle down. >> take a look at this video out of washington, d.c. where today is going to be a good day to dig out. you know what's been weird, how much snow we've seen but when that sun comes out it is just so bright and high in the sky it is just surreal so a good day to get out and scrape away but this morning, right now, a lot of that snow that may have melted temporarily will be hard because it's a bit chilly out there this morning with some records falling. we do have a little snow. a couple of pulses of energy that come across the great lakes most of which are frozen. you get a little bit of enhancement so a few inches from eerie to syracuse. houston and dallas you saw record cold but the rains will roll in i think tomorrow night into sunday especially. could see locally over 4 inches across the upper coastline and moderating temperatures will be the big story as mentioned
7:38 am
chicago two days in a row above freezing. that is going to feel good. >> good morning. a very call start to the day but we are going to rebound nicely to about 44 degrees. move your clocks ahead tonight one hr. morrow to you by bush's baked beans which goes great with bacon. >> the pigs are taking it firsthand. >> okay, sara. coming up on "gma," living on the edge. why harrison ford's real-life adventures are so much like the daredevils he plays on the big screen. >> it's back to school for mrs. george clooney. why the ivy league will soon be a big part of amal's life. g kids what their favorite vegetable is. kids? [ crickets chirping ] now we're gonna give those same kids bush's baked beans. [ kids ] mmmm... finally, we're gonna tell
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harrison ford -- oh, sorry. go ahead >> that's all right. you go ahead. >> harrison ford crash landing his plane is not actor's first brush with death. >> that's right. the star loves to push the limits as you can see on and off screen and abc's aditi roy has the story. >> reporter: he bolted away from
7:43 am
the boulder in indiana joeps, starred in "star wars." and in "the fugitive," harrison ford continues to dive right into danger. the academy award nominated actor escaping death in real life thursday after surviving a plane crash in california. ford widely known for doing some of his own stunts no stranger to injuries. his stunt double telling abc news he's always willing. >> harrison probably does about 90% to 95% of his stunts. >> reporter: in indiana jones he injured the ligament in his knee forcing him to swap a sword fight for a simple gunshot. ford's character walks with a limp in "the fugitive" because ford injured himself filming in the woods. >> in between shots he was in a wheelchair when they say action he'd stand up and would do the shots. >> reporter: and the 72-year-old action icon is still at it.
7:44 am
the filming of "star wars:episode 7" delayed after ford's ankle was broken. no stranger to seeking that big screen thrill in his permanent life. >> it was ugly. >> reporter: response for high-flying acts of heroism but experiences mishaps crash landing a copter in 1999 and getting blown off the runway in 2000. >> people who live on the edge for them the risk is worth it rather than to live a boring life. >> reporter: an adventure we're always bracing for. >> i didn't know you could fly a plane. >> fly, yes. land, no. >> reporter: for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, los angeles. >> that's incredible. 90% to 95% of his stunts and i love that little tidbit from "the fugitive" he was hobbling because he legitimately hurt himself. >> and on the new "star wars," as well. i'm glad he's okay because i've -- we've loved watching him for decades now. very happy he's doing all right. >> very happy. coming up on "good morning
7:45 am
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♪ house band rob and ron. >> if ron is being percussive it's time for "pop news." >> percussive. >> you're up. the plot for "toy story 4" has been revealed. this time around we might be hearing you've got more than a friend in me because the new "toy story" will be wait for it, a rom come. jim morris says it won't be a continuation of the third film and won't focus much at all on the interaction between the toys and kids. it will head in a new and
7:49 am
different direction, a direction i'm sure buzz lightyear would call to infinity and beyond. >> yes. >> very good. >> thank you very much. i don't think we'll be cozying up to watch that they time soon. >> it takes them a while to make a movie. i read a book by the head of pixar create tink inc. and how they make their movies. >> it's unreal to follow that kind of stuff. and i don't miss writing papers at all but i have found a reason to go back to school columbia law school, that is it was just announced amal clooney will now be a member of the visiting faculty. amal, one of the world's human rights experts will present lectures at the school and talk to students about litigation strategies. she's also somehow found time -- she's found the time excuse me to author a new book on international law. i mean, this lady is a busy woman and husband george or i like to call him mr. amal is also currently working in new york filming a new movie with julia roberts. i don't know when that couple sees each other.
7:50 am
>> maybe they don't. >> he helps her write her lectures on international law. >> i highly doubt that. he sits back and like, that's so hot. use big words amal. in preparation for international women's day tomorrow spotify has revealed its most popular female artists now queen bey reigns supreme court but apparently men prefer dan harris is one of them to listen to katy perry. now -- >> not watch, but listen. >> listen. this is the top spotify. >> she has more anthems or more you know stadium kind of anthem. >> easier to sing to. >> with the fist up like metallica. not really. >> the super bowl performance won over the men but on the stateside though men are loving lorde. they may never be royals but i think it's nice to see they have a sensitive side so american men are loving lorde. if you've ever dreamed of being queen elsa and let's face it who hasn't possibly rob marciano, none of us can let it go.
7:51 am
well now our parent company disney is making it possible. can you transform yourself into your favorite character using an app called show your disney side. >> is that me? >> you were my guinea pigs. >> that's paula as anna. >> i love my golden braids. >> i love your braids wait rob as kristoff or an '80s icon. >> that's awesome. >> ron is headed to a galaxy far, far away. >> ron's already there. >> how do you do that? that's fantastic. >> you didn't shoot this yourself. >> dan doesn't look like dan at all. you have to focus on his one eye. >> you look creepy. >> i love mine because it's -- >> that is not even you. >> yeah, that's me. >> now, i can see it. >> do you see it? >> i can totally see it right from the green. >> you closed your eye and saw it from the left. >> that's so fun. so fun. >> we'll be right back with more with rob marciano wearing a blond wig. >> kristoff.
7:52 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by las vegas, for all things vegas, there's only one >> thanks for joining us everybody. >> it was a great saturday morning. int whatted to see rob again with that blond wig. that made me happy. >> you don't want to see it. >> i've got it on my phone. now an abc 7 news update. >> good morning, i'm caroline tucker. checking our top stories this morning. in prince george's county, an officer was involved in a car crash this morning. you see that car there. it happened around 3:30 in the morning in the 9500 block of green belt road between nasa and good luck road. that portion of the road is shut down to traffic while police take a look at what happened. we're hearing reports the accident was fatal but a spokesperson for prince george's
7:57 am
county police would not confirm that at this point. we'll bring you more information as soon as we have it into our newsroom. another crash happened in green belt along the northbound baltimore-washington parkway and that one involved a snowplow and closed the road a short time but the b.w. parkway is open and no word on what happened or if there were injuries and will update you as soon as we get information on that as well. >> for the first time in four weeks no winter weather advisories out there. we have sunshine but it is very cold out there. here's a live shot. you can see 21 deese. there's snow on the ground, not much melting yesterday but we'll see melting today. single digits now at dulles airport, 4 degrees b.w.i.-marshall, 7, all time low temperatures today, overhead high pressure, no snow out there to worry about and that's going to say that way through the weekend. a milder weekend. spring forward tonight, move your clocks ahead one hour as we go to daylight saving time and a
7:58 am
milder week coming up. 44 today under partly sunny skies and tomorrow that sun comes up at 7:31 and we're gaining 2 1/2 minutes a day. tomorrow 52, almost short sleeve weather and stays that week all week. temperatures in the 50's, caroline. >> finally some sunshine. thanks so much and thanks for watching. have a wonderful saturday.
7:59 am
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